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The other day I was busy doing something when my father clicked a random picture of me. He loves taking such candid snaps.

Cute right?

“What did you click? Show me”, I chuckled

Excitedly he showed me the picture.

“Papa please delete it. I am not looking good enough”, I replied, irritated.

“You look good, dear. It’s just that you have become so habituated to filter-laden pictures that you forgot to appreciate your natural self”, he pointed out quickly.

The context might be very bland. However, this made me ponder for a while about how artificial we have become as individuals. We use filters and all sorts of correctors to present the perfect version of ourselves to the virtual world.

This often gives birth to insecurity and body shaming.

So, let’s embrace our true selves and say bye to filtered photos.



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If you are everyone’s go-to person, the ideal problem solver, and the great listener, then kindly stop doing that.

This is who I have always been. Listening to people air their resentments, cry over heartbreaks, family problems, career issues, and the list goes on.

But when I was at my lowest, nobody gave a damn. No one took an interest in hearing my side of the story. Instead, I heard them speak about how amazing their lives are going and how happy they are at the moment.

It made me realize something: Learn to prioritize yourself over others.

While you might be empathetic to the sufferings of others, they might not be the same towards you.


Stop being the go-to for someone you can’t go to.

Instead, be your own go-to, and focus on yourself and your well-being.



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I’m not sure whether I’m the only one, but I’ve struggled with this issue ever since I was a child.

When someone compliments me, it makes me feel weird and awkward.

While some of myself feels good about the same, the other part constantly reminds me of the need to compliment the other person, as if that’s a give-and-take policy.

The other day, a friend pointed out that she liked my dress and that it suits me. All I could think about at that moment were things I can praise her about.

Weird right?

I would love to hear what you all think about this.



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American writer Mark Twain once said, “good decisions come from experience, and experiences come from making bad decisions.

While I agree that experience is necessary to progress, there are many things that we live through and think, “My life would have been better off without this.

People often say that life experience teaches you a lot and provides wisdom.

But don’t you think we frequently go through things we were already aware of? They didn’t need to happen in our lives. Nonetheless, they occurred. We learned nothing new from them. We were, instead, left with only bitter memories.

I say this, particularly for the unpleasant ones, which can be as simple as a professional failure or a heartbreak. Perhaps the only way to deal with this is through acceptance.

Do let me know whether you agree or not.



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I’m sure we’ve all gone through that phase where we hated doing something as a kid but ended up loving it as an adult.

My biggest misconception as a child was believing that nap time was a punishment. I remember despising the thought of even going to bed, let alone sleeping.

My mother used to scold me to sleep.

As an adult, now I consider sleep to be the most deficient aspect of my life. Somehow, amid the daily hustle-bustle and never-ending workload, there is rarely any opportunity to get an adequate amount of rest.

However, on those rare occasions when I am fortunate enough to get to bed early, it truly feels like a blessing.

Perhaps former Russian President Boris Yeltsin had said it right “we don’t treasure what we have until it’s gone”.



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Have you ever wondered why some days are so long, difficult, and exhausting? Everything seems to be falling apart and nothing is working out.

So, like everyone else, even I’m trying to figure out the answer.

However, what I have learned over the years is that maintaining patience in these trying moments and mastering the art of holding on no matter what happens can be beneficial at times. Even maintaining an optimistic attitude can work wonders.

If you ever come across one such not-so-sunny day (as I like to call them), remember to take a deep breath and tell yourself that ‘this, too, shall pass.’

After all, as American author, Robert H. Schuller once said, ‘tough times never last, but tough people do’.



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Has anyone ever accomplished anything worthwhile by overthinking?

The answer is an emphatical no.

Yet, it’s absurd how many of us spend too much of our time living in our heads, trying to figure out insignificant things.

In the long run, it causes more harm than good because we begin to assume a lot of things that may or may not be true. Therefore, the best we can do for ourselves is to pull a plug on this habit once and for all.

I read somewhere that the most fascinating aspect of the human brain is that we have complete control over it. So, the next time you tend to overthink something, ask yourself if it is going to have a significant impact on you a few years down the line. If not, then I urge you to stop it then and there.